BREAKING NEWS: Our thanks to The Alexander Group, a leader in C-level and board searches, for featuring our two-part article “How To Impress Your Board” in January 2018.

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How do you get a seat at the table?

In the world of large complex organizations, having a seat at the table means you are heard and respected. Your judgment and opinions are sought out. And you have the credibility to advance your ideas and initiatives.

But those seats are few. And the competition for them can be fierce. Your knowledge and experience may be outstanding. But without a seat at the table, you can struggle to be heard and make a difference.

We can help.

Significa can show you powerful yet simple-to-execute ways to increase your influence; skillfully navigate complex organizational dynamics; attract followers, clients and market visibility; and grow your executive or board presence. All while remaining yourself……only more assured, compelling and effective.

Our clients include

  • CEO succession candidates
  • Senior management executives
  • Fast-rising high potentials
  • Leaders in Legal and HR
  • Partners or senior associates of law and
    professional services firms
  • As well as many others

What do they each have in common? A lot of value to offer, a drive to demonstrate that in meaningful ways, and an ambition to claim their own seat at the table.