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CEO Succession


Clients who are potential CEO successors often are refining the same skills that our management team clients target. But they are doing that in a different context. The time frame in which to get ready is getting shorter. The stakes are getting higher. And what boards expect from a potential successor is fundamentally different from the role he or she normally plays….even though those expectations are seldom explained.

Common questions that potential CEO successors are considering include:

  • Given the limited amount of time I have, where do I focus my efforts?
  • What skill-building will have the greatest positive impact on the selection process?
  • How do I develop more powerful Board presence and deepen those relationships?
  • How do I strike the right balance of respect and autonomy with the current CEO?
  • How do I navigate peer relationships and build the foundation for a productive management team if I’m selected as CEO?

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Significa has a uniquely valuable perspective on CEO succession. Our Managing Director has been retained by boards and major search firms during the CEO selection process to assess candidates and facilitate boards decision-making. This deep understanding of what matters to boards during selection allows us to provide potential CEO successors with powerful tips and insights they will get nowhere else.

  • Kathy’s insights on our company and senior leadership team were preternatural. I learned how to navigate our complex internal dynamics gracefully and successfully…while still remaining myself and acting with integrity.

    Senior Vice President
    Well-Known Healthcare Provider
  • If you have a make-or-break presentation to your management team or board, you can’t afford not to hire Significa. It gave me the edge I needed to win approval of a transformative strategic initiative, and was one of the best investments I’ve made to date in my career.

    International Manufacturing Company
  • There were multiple internal and external candidates for the CEO slot. How could I ensure that I made my best case to the board that they should select me? A trusted advisor recommended that I retain Significa. Within three months of working with Kathy, I went from being merely one of many possibilities to being the top candidate…..and I ultimately became CEO. Not only did Kathy help me better understand what boards want and how to position myself; she also helped me be a better leader and CEO. I highly recommend Significa if you aspire to senior level roles.

    Global Engineering Services Company
  • Kathy’s ability to read a situation and manage it skillfully……and to help you grow your own ability to do that…..is amazing! I became a better and more accomplished leader.

    SVP and General Counsel
    National Hospital System
  • I’m not a political person, but on the other hand, I don’t think you can ignore this side of things when you’re a senior executive. You have to be able to move your ideas forward effectively. Kathy helped me feel more comfortable and skillful with this. And my win rate became consistently higher.

    Functional Leader
    Fortune 10 Company
  • By the end of our work together, my leadership influence and impact had increased so substantially that the company created a brand new global role for me at our UK headquarters, something I had not anticipated. …… None of my peers made a similar leap. Working with Kathy either helped me achieve better outcomes or got me there much faster than I would have had on my own.

    Senior Vice President
    International Energy Company

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