Free resources for growing your own influence and persuasion skills? Yes please!

Who We Are


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that our Managing Director Kathy Dockry has spent a lifetime studying what works and what doesn’t work when navigating through complex environments.

  • One of six siblings in a family that valued wit and creativity……especially to win arguments!
  • In the top of her class in law school, and an accomplished trial attorney representing large companies.
  • An in-house leader of international HR and Legal teams, focused on gaining credibility and influence for those functions with their operational peers.
  • The North American president of a well-known British company and often the youngest executive and only female in various management teams.
  • And, as both a leadership advisor for an elite global search firm and a senior leadership coach for an exclusive coaching firm, someone who has sat in countless board rooms observing executives as they rise (or fall) on the strength of their presence and influencing skills.

Kathy keeps current on a broad array of thinking and best practices in leadership, communications, neuroscience, developmental learning, and other fields….so that you don’t have to do that.  She’s a firm believer that one size doesn’t fit all, especially at the top. It’s Significa’s job to do the heavy lifting….to identify and distill for you the resources that are best suited to who you are and the context in which you’re working. And it’s also our job to make the experience of growing your influencing skills easy and straightforward.

11Picture of Kathleen Dockry


Everyone can easily become more skilled at influencing.

Imagine the difference in your worklife if your “win” rate increased by 50%. Or even more. Leaps like that are common for Significa clients, no matter how skilled they already are.

Simple but powerful techniques are the best.

As leaders, our lives are already busy enough. We need to make wise investments of our time. New approaches should be easy to learn and easy to retain as part of our natural repertoire. And they also need to be highly effective in the real world of a complex workplace.

Be the best version of yourself, not a copy of someone else.

Strong leaders are authentic and real. Growing our influencing and persuasion skills should mean tapping into our own natural strengths vs following what everyone else does. The techniques we learn should be a good fit for who we are, not some guru’s methodology.

We’re here to help you achieve great things as a leader.

If your goal is to make a meaningful difference as a leader, then we want to give you the tools to do that successfully and effortlessly. Significa is passionate about enabling strong leaders to have their voice heard, valued, and acted upon.


Significa has the privilege of partnering with some of the premier coaching and consulting organizations focused on leadership at the top of large organizations.

Significa also has close ties to a variety of well-known executive search firms. Our search colleagues often recommend us to leaders during the succession planning process or as a new leader assumes a larger role. They know these are situations where presence and influencing skills can make an enormous difference. 

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