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Significa helps you achieve your leadership goals
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Leadership Coaching

One-on-one coaching from Significa is not only a great way to acquire new leadership and influencing skills. It’s an investment in ensuring those skills become a natural and effortless part of your leadership style. From a few follow-up sessions after a workshop to advanced guidance and support in important and complex settings, Significa coaching helps you fine-tune your approach and feel confident that you are applying your learning easily and effectively.

Online Course and Coaching Programs

The power skills of influence, persuasion and presence enable us to make a meaningful difference in our organizations. With these skills, talented leaders can navigate complex dynamics easily and win support for their ideas. Significa provides blended online learning programs where participants not only master the techniques and tactics that will grow their skills but are supported and coached as they apply those skills to real-time situations.

Hands-on Support for Game-Changing Presentations

When the stakes are high and your presentation must be persuasive and compelling, Significa will increase the odds in your favor by providing immediate, hands-on support. We can assess your situation, give you specific and easy-to-execute guidance on your persuasion strategy and written materials, and provide tips tailored to your audience.

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