Free resources for growing your own influence and persuasion skills? Yes please!

Increase the win rate for your HR budget this year
…while growing your reputation as an innovative thinker.

The 2024 budget season is fast approaching. If you’re an HR leader, you’re already thinking about what resources and programs you’d like to propose to support the business and its strategic objectives.

And you’re also wondering about how to win approval for your initiatives when there are so many competing demands on the corporate budget.


Our free private podcast series MASTERING THE HR BUDGET PROPOSAL was designed to provide you with the insider-level persuasion tips that sway decision-makers.  And because the series is updated annually, it also enables you to leverage the latest ideas that we’re seeing in the HR arena for capturing the interest and respect of business colleagues.

After listening to MASTERING THE HR BUDGET PROPOSAL, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Make a compelling and effective case for your recommendations…one that makes normally resistant business colleagues interested in learning more.
  • Avoid common practices that prevent decision-makers from listening closely…so your ideas get a fair hearing.
  • Understand the single most motivating reason for a business leader to agree to HR investments…one that buys you increased credibility during budget negotiations.
  • Propose fresh ideas that make business leaders’ eyes light up…and perceive you as an innovative thinker who is focused on their needs.

Make sure 2024 is the year that you take your HR agenda to the next level and win the hearts and minds of your business colleagues. Sign up for free access to MASTERING THE HR BUDGET PROPOSAL (2024 edition), and you’ll be notified when this year’s private podcast series becomes available in early August.

Yes, please. I’d like free access to the private podcast series MASTERING THE HR BUDGET PROPOSAL (2024 edition) when it becomes available in early August.

While Kathy Dockry, the host of MASTERING THE HR BUDGET PROPOSAL, is more frequently sought out for her expertise in coaching leaders for CEO and management team succession, she also has a passion for empowering the HR function so that it can contribute its full value to an organization.

This annual private podcast series is one of her ways to do that, and it captures Kathy’s unique perspective as

  • A sought-after expert on the skills of, influence, persuasion, and presence in the workplace;
  • A C-suite leadership coach and board advisor for over 20 years;
  • The successful former CEO of a global energy company;
  • A proud former CHRO; and
  • A former trial attorney with an impressive win rate.

To hear more from Kathy, be sure to follow the Mastering The Power Skills podcast of Apple on Spotify where she shares tips and strategies for growing your influence, persuasion and presence skills.  While the podcast is focused on the needs of fast-rising, high potential talent, you’ll also get a feel for her style when working with senior management and their teams. You’ll see her deep understanding of the business world, its complex challenges, and its politics, but also her humor, warmth, and energetic results-oriented style.

To explore whether Kathy can support you in developing talent at the senior leadership level —or simply just to pick her brain—you can contact her at kdockry@significagroup.com.