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After working with Significa, my leadership influence and impact increased so substantially that the company created a brand new global role for me at our European headquarters, something I had not anticipated. Would this have occurred if I hadn’t worked with Significa? Possibly, but I don’t think so. None of my peers made a similar leap.

Senior management executive, large multi-national corporation

Significa is always designing new workshop and online seminar topics where you can learn powerful but simple-to-execute techniques for growing your influence, presence, and navigational skills. We pride ourselves collecting on tips and strategies that you will hear nowhere else.

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And feel free to contact us if you have a particular influencing skill or situation that you don’t see listed on this page. We are happy to provide a free initial assessment of your situation along with recommended next steps.

Online Seminars

Our online seminars are a quick and easy way to pick up new tips and techniques that will enhance your influencing capabilities. You’ll learn an easy-to-execute technique, see it applied to several examples, get your questions answered, and receive written materials to support you going forward. Online seminar topics range from ___________ to ______________.

Hands-on Support for Game-Changing Presentations

When the stakes are high and your presentation must be persuasive and compelling, Significa will increase the odds in your favor by providing immediate, hands-on support. We can assess your situation, give you specific and easy-to-execute guidance on your persuasion strategy and written materials, and provide tips tailored to your audience.

Leadership Coaching

One-on-one coaching from Significa is a great way to ensure your new influencing skills become a natural and automatic part of your leadership style. From a few follow-up sessions after a workshop to advanced guidance and support in important and complex settings, Significa coaching helps you fine-tune your approach and feel confident that you are applying your learning easily and effectively.

Blended Learning

When success depends on enhancing the influencing skills of a group vs an individual, a blend of focused training, facilitated practice, and follow-up coaching—together with a plan for the group to support each other—can produce powerful results. Significa helps clients design blended learning programs that can turbo-charge the effectiveness of groups with important objectives.

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