Free resources for growing your own influence and persuasion skills? Yes please!

Introducing the Mastering The Power Skills Podcast

If you’re checking out this podcast, I’m betting that you’re someone with some good ideas for your workplace. Maybe you have some ideas that could make things better, faster, easier, or more successful. Maybe you have some ideas that could create more alignment, more energy, or even less dysfunction. Maybe you have some very big ideas. And maybe you have ideas for small but meaningful changes.

I created this podcast to help unlock the hidden potential that exists in EVERY organization. The hidden power that could accelerate success. That power is the voices of talented leaders who don’t yet have a seat at the table.

Each week, my goal is to EMPOWER you through the skills of influence, persuasion, and presence. These are the skills that are going to increase your win rate. And in fact, the skills you learn in this podcast are quite likely going to get you that seat at the table FASTER than you expect. That’s what happened for me, and that’s what now happens for my one-on-one coaching clients.

To celebrate the launch of this show, I’m giving away AirPods Pros to 5 lucky listeners who follow, rate, and review the show.

Keep reading to find out more about the contest. Enter by midnight ET on September 13, 2022!

I’ll be announcing the winners on an upcoming episode!


Ep #1: Getting Comfortable With Your Power -Why power is a skill set you can grow, and how to get unstuck from the confusing signals we hear about power so you can instead embrace it and come to a deeper, more nuanced understanding of what it truly is.

Ep #2: Influence, Persuasion, and Presence: The Tools That Will Grow Your Power -Why exercising these skills will make for an environment where you and your ideas will be taken seriously, and how having these tools in your toolkit will make you so much more successful faster.

Ep #3: Five Easy Ways To Build Rapport That You May Not Be Using -I’m sharing why building rapport is an essential skill for growing your power, and how it’s necessary for creating an environment in which your ideas are more likely to get heard and approved.


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Remember: To be officially entered, you’ll need to fill out the form above or click here and follow the instructions in the video that will follow.